AI will soon take over our lives

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Soon artificial intelligence will be in all aspects of our lives

πŸ“Έ:  Amazon .

πŸ“Έ: Amazon.

The biggest issue with artificial intelligence as we see it today is that it's only so limited. When you ask your phone "what is the weather like today?" it'll know to tell you the temperature, but it won't know that you want to know how the weather will impact your clothing choices and how you get to your appointments.

This is where Amazon comes in. They've already created Alexa, a smart speaker capable of answering your questions verbally, but now the company has started designing a new version of her, capable of keeping up a casual conversation for up to 20 minutes (the type of polite chit-chat you'd do with friends).

"I'm stressed," you might say to your smart speaker.

"Research shows that listening to music helps people unwind. Should I turn on some of your favourite music?" your speaker might ask you."

With over 20 million voice assistant devices sold so far, the company is placing a large bet on the valid assumption that people are willing to, and comfortable with interacting with robots on a personal level.

Amazon's Battle to Bring Conversational AI Into Your Home

Number of the week

πŸ“Έ:  Naples Daily News .

Just last week a handful of children were murdered inside their school in Florida, but it uncovered a relatively unknown law in the state.

Mayors who attempt to enact gun legislation in their cities can face fines of $5,000 and be forcibly removed from office, and cities can be fined up to $100,000 for doing the same.

Laws like this not only seem unreasonable, but also highly dangerous. When this law was implemented, it meant that legally people can shoot guns into the air to celebrate, bring them into government buildings and even public libraries.

Florida Can Fine Towns $100,000 for Enacting Stronger Gun Laws

In case you missed it

There's a tiny village hidden deep inside the Grand Canyon, relatively peaceful and unknown to the world, and the BBC took a look at the most remote town in the US.

Soon you might be able to fly from New York City to Beijing in under two hours, thanks to researchers at the Chinese Academy of Scientists. Tests were just completed on a hypersonic plane, where it reached speeds of up to 5,600 miles per hour.

For the first time in over 100 years, energy demand is becoming stagnant and companies are freaking out over it.

Patrick Brown resigns (again?) only a week after re-re-announcing his running in the PC leadership race.