What it's like to climb the CN Tower

Most people wouldn't even dare to climb the CN Tower and I — the guy who stopped doing his gym regiment after only a few weeks — suddenly found himself waiting in a line to climb the 1,776 steps to the top of the CN Tower not just once, but twice.

Unfortunately there's not too much backstory to this tale: I saw an ad floating a Facebook group for my campus that was advertising the United Way CN Tower climb. At first I dismissed the idea of doing something so physically-intensive but then a few days later I jokingly changed my mind. "There's no way you're going to reach the fundraising goal," I thought to myself about the small $75 in fundraising required to participate in the event. But before I knew it, I had raised the funds and was standing in the registration line at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning to pick up my timing wristband. The World Wildlife Foundation 

I didn't really know what to expect when I first did the climb — I thought it was going to be a much easier exercise than it turned out to be. I had to constantly stop after every handful of floors for a few seconds to breathe. The heat in the stairwell was also wildly unexpected on my part but made perfect sense because of the heat rising from the amount of people in one confined space at the same time.

My first climb came in at 27:15 and the second time around I came in with a more impressive 25:19.

The next time I do the climb I'll make sure to get a great night's sleep beforehand and to make sure I have a large breakfast the morning of (something I forgot to do the first time). I also cannot stress how important stretching is before any physical activity so you don't get any pains during it.

Overall, it's been such a great opportunity participating in a fun and once-in-a-lifetime (or twice for me) event while raising money for great causes.