Free things to do in Toronto during the Ontario College Strike

With college students prepping for what could be a long, gruelling strike throughout Ontario, the bit of time off is great to use for exploring the city ... er, I mean studying for mid-terms. Students throughout the province have classes cancelled until further notice and exams postponed, so why not take the day off from studying and go do something fun? Here's some of the most exciting things, free or relatively cheap things I've found to do in Toronto.

The Power Plant

This art gallery, located along Queens Quay right by the water, is small but has a few interesting exhibits currently going on. The gallery is free to view and is open from 10-5 except Thursdays when it's open until 8 pm and Mondays when it is closed altogether.

One interesting exhibit currently at the gallery is called "Demonstration," and is a wall of protesting messages that people have submitted. You can submit a message following these guidelines until May 2018. After then, you can visit the gallery again to pick up your message.

Rogue National Urban Park

Rogue Park is a huge park, but it's great if you like to hike because of all the trails there. To get there you can take the free ParkBus shuttle, but the only caveat is this is the last weekend it's going to be running. Departures and returns take place several times throughout the day and there's two locations you can be dropped off at: on Saturday it's near Zoo Road and on Sunday it's at the park's north end in Markham.

St Lawrence Market

The St Lawrence Market is always a neat place to wonder through because of all the good food you can smell and the numerous vendors selling things. Stop here and grab a bite to eat if you'd like, or there's a bunch of great restaurants in the neighbourhood from pizza to salads and clam chowder. Plus even if you're a history bluff you probably didn't know this: part of the original City Hall building is still present on the south part of the building and was preserved when the market got rebuilt.

Allan Gardens

I know this is one of the most mentioned places to visit when you're bored or have a day off, but hear me out: it's a pretty neat place to visit no matter how many times you've been here before. I visited several weeks ago and — gasp — almost stepped on a baby turtle who had managed to get half way across the room and was hiding halfway under a leaf. I picked up the turtle (I checked and there were no staff around to do it instead) and brought it back to the safety of the pond. Talk about an exciting trip to the gardens!

Art Gallery of Ontario

There's always the AGO's free Wednesday nights if all else fails. Admission is free from 6-9 pm and it's recommended that you arrive a little bit past the starting time to avoid long lineups. This free admission won't grant you access, however, to the Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters exhibit.