These apps either help you save money or reward you for spending it

There's loads of apps out there that all offer some sort of reward and though many of them may seem like a scam, there's quite a few that are trustworthy. For instance, there's an app that'll reward you with Scene points just for meeting your daily step goal, and another app that'll give you points when you spend money at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, or Tim Hortons. These apps have the power to provide us with great rewards, points and eventually, tangible benefits like gift cards or free movies that can save us a bit of money. Here's a few apps that I personally have downloaded on my phone that are worth checking out.

Earn points for shopping with Drop

Drop is a really neat app because it rewards you for spending your money where you already shop — think Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and McDonald's. When you first sign up you link your debit and credit cards, and whenever the app sees you've spent at a certain store, you get points for it. There's also promotional offers, like 100 points for every $1 you spend at Under Armour if you spend more than $75 and 50 points per $1 that you spend at Frank and Oak. Each 1,000 points you have equals $1 in rewards, and you can redeem points for things including Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, Cineplex, Tim Hortons and Best Buy gift cards.


Use Feedback to save money on delicious food

The whole idea behind Feedback is that, instead of restaurants just throwing out food at the end of the night, some hungry and tech-savvy people might be willing to take it off their hands for a little bit of a discount. Using the app you can find the places that support it and from there, what their deals are and the hours that they're available (typically they start a few hours before close). The deals depending on where you're dining, but you can usually get at least a few dollars off a pizza combo from Sbarro, a burrito at Fat Bastard, or a salad bowl from The Goods.

Get Scene points for meeting your step goal with Carrot

When you download Carrot, it formulates a step goal for you to reach each day. Though nobody's forcing you to reach the goal everyday, you'll get four Scene points each day you hit your goal — but you can also choose another rewards program like Drop, Aeroplan or Petro-Points. There's also surveys that'll occasionally pop up, offering you chances to get even more points.


Get a SPC card to save on clothing and food

The Student Price Card, or SPC card for short, is a great thing that every student should be carrying with them in their wallet. It offers discounts at loads of stores, including Aldo, Club Monaco, Bath and Body Works, Frank and Oak, Old Navy and quite a lot more. The card only costs $10 per year, before taxes, and it essentially pays for itself after you spend $100 at any of the supporting stores. There's even an app for it so you don't have to remember to grab it when you head out (or if you use your phone to pay and usually forget your wallet).

Collect points for eating out with Ritual or OpenTable

There's a lot of great places to eat out there, but it can still be hard to find somewhere to eat when you're out. OpenTable is a great app because it's a widely used platform and offers rewards when you dine out — you'll get 100 points per restaurant reservation, but there's usually bonus offers worth 1,000 points. The app is great for finding a place to eat before you head out, but if you're about to head into a restaurant you can also check to see if the establishment is on the platform so you can collect points for dining with them. You can get a free $26 dining voucher after getting 2,600 points, which is normally 26 restaurants, but if you're dining at places with bonus offers, it'd only take three visits.


Use Flipp when grocery shopping

Contrary to what you see in Extreme Couponing, finding and using coupons and price matching doesn't have to be hard. Using an app like Flipp lets you create a shopping list and search for stores that have an item for a cheaper price. Then, you can — just keep in mind that some stores might not let you — show the price on your phone and grocery stores generally will match it. Using coupons in the app isn't difficult either; you can just select the coupons you want to use in the app and upload your receipt. They'll credit your account and you can withdraw your balance at any time.

Collect points with PC Plus and the Shoppers Drug Mart apps

The PC Plus card is a great thing to have, but it doesn't offer the same amount of points as other stores. You'll need to load offers in the app before using your card, and they're generally along the lines of getting 100 points for each $1 you spend on bananas — it's great getting these points, but it takes a long time to add up to anything. Shoppers, on the other hand, always has great offers that are along the lines of getting 4,000 points for spending $20 on anything in store or 6,000 points for spending $30. You can redeem Optimum points starting at 8,000 points for $10 off, but you get more value if you can hold off and redeem at a higher denomination.

UPDATE: On February 1st, 2017, the Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus apps combined into one program, eliminating the previous redemption values and simplifying them to $10 off per 10,000 points.