Before buying a membership, this is how many times you'll have to visit before it's 'worth it'

Being a student is already hard enough as it is without trying to find money to do something on the weekend. In Toronto there's lots of things you can spend your time doing, like exploring the zoo, a museum or art gallery but that's cost prohibitive for some people. That's why I did the math to calculate how many times you need to go to an attraction before it's cheaper to purchase an annual membership (if you go often, it's a lot less expensive). If you can't go during the free time that some museums have, here's how you might be able to save some money. 


While general admission to the Royal Ontario Museum (not including special exhibits, like the Blue Whale) usually costs $15.50 for students and $20 for adults, if you go more than three times for students or six times for adults, it'll cost you less to get a membership. They'll cost you $54 and $112 per year, respectively.


For adults general admission costs $19.50 and for students it's $11. If you plan on going to the Art Gallery of Ontario more than five times for adults or four times for students, you'd be able to save a bit of money by going with a membership instead. An adult one will cost you $110 and a student's cost $45 for a year.

Toronto Zoo

The zoo's seasonal pricing makes things a tad more complicated. During the summer admission costs $29, but this drops down to $23 in the wintertime. For the zoo I highly doubt that someone would just go in either the winter or summer season, which is why I'm calculating the average price for both seasons ($26 per person). This means that in order for a membership to be worth the cost, you'd need to go more than three times for adults or two times for students. Memberships for adults start at $95 and for students they start at $60 per year.

(For people who only want to go to the zoo in the winter you'd have to go more than four times for adults/two times for students. In the summer it'd be three times for adults and two times for students).

Gardiner Museum

The Gardiner Museum charges adults $15 for admission and students $9. This means that if you're interested in visiting the museum more than four times as an adult or three times as a student, you'd be better off with a membership (costing you $65 and $30 respectively).

Ontario Science Centre

Admission to the Ontario Science Centre usually costs $22 a person, which means that if you're going to be visiting more than five times you'll want to grab a membership instead. That'll set you back a cool $125 per year.