United Airlines replaces quarterly employee bonuses with lottery draw

Before now like most other typical employers, United Airlines employees would be given quarterly bonuses if the company hit set performance metrics. The company is doing away with this and is replacing it with a lottery where one single employee will win $100,000.

The company, which is one of the least popular airlines in the US, has touted the change as an "exciting new rewards program," but the prizes will only be up for grabs in quarters where the same performance metrics are met and employees will need perfect attendance to be eligible.

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"As we look to continue improving, we took a step back and decided to replace the quarterly operational bonus and perfect attendance programs," said Scott Kirby, President of the company. In addition to the money, prizes such as vacations and a car will be in the draw too, which will be chosen at random.

The move is a risky one by the airline, hoping that people will be more interested in gambling than in a bonus that are of a more guaranteed nature. A move like this also shifts the workplace from an "everybody works, but everybody benefits" one to an environment where employees might not feel as motivated to accomplish goals.

Time will only tell whether the new program is successful in motivating the company's nearly 86,000 employees to keep up the company's performance.

πŸ“Έ: Pixabay πŸ“Š: American Consumer Satisfaction Index