For a great getaway in the Canadian midwest, just head to Saskatoon

Though Saskatoon isn't usually on a list of "to-go" places in Canada for both tourists or even Canadians, it should be because it's seriously underrated here. Coming from Toronto it's definitely quieter than the big city, but is a good comparison to the culture and small-city feel of Halifax.

There's a few things to know before visiting: the city is relatively small at approximately 250,000 people, it is one of the sunniest cities in Canada and there's an odd obsession with bridges here. Currently the city has a total of seven bridges, but there are two more on the way.

Saskatoon doesn't lack in things to do and since it's located right in-between Calgary and Winnipeg, it'd make the perfect weekend getaway for people from central Canada. With that in mind, here's a few cool things to check out if you happen to make it up to the city.

Try to see all the city's bridges

Saskatoon seriously has a weird obsession with bridges due to the South Saskatchewan River flowing right through the city, splitting it in half. Though seven bridges (plus a really picturesque rail bridge) might seem like a lot to some people, I'll let it slide because of how nice some of them look. There's even trails that go beneath some of them, giving people the chance to grab some neat pictures for the 'gram, or just to get a much-needed break from the sun.

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Hunt down some street artwork

Like all other large-sized cities, Saskatoon is home to some great looking street art and graffiti that can be found by just taking a walk downtown. Though concentrated in the Central Business District and Riversdale districts, it can be spotted all over the city and this handy website will help you find where it's all located.

Take a walk down Broadway

Unfortunately this version of Broadway isn't the same as the street in New York, so if you're thinking it is be prepared for disappointment. However it is one of the city's main streets, beginning at the Broadway Bridge, lined with cute little shops, restaurants and bars just waiting for you to explore. The strip is also home to several different cultural festivals throughout the year, including the Fringe Theatre Festival.

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Hit up the newly-opened Remai Modern

This museum is brand new having just opened up in 2017, and is dedicated to showing off both modern and contemporary artwork to the community. It has over 7,700 total works of art and was even featured as number 18 in The New York Times article "52 places to go in 2018: A starter kit for escaping into the world". Several times per year the gallery hosts free admission days, but with its collection of 23 Picasso ceramics, it's worth seeing any day.

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Go on a canoe trip or hike

The water running through the downtown core is both peaceful and serene, and provides the perfect opportunity to either paddle in a canoe or take a hike alongside it. For paddlers who like an adventure, take a day off and paddle from the Berry Barn, located 20 km west of Saskatoon, to downtown and have a picnic lunch. The Meewasin Trail stretches the full length of the river, making for a great hike of any length.

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There's lots of other things to do in Saskatoon besides what I mentioned above, including taking a cruise on the river, the Batoche National Historic Site, visiting the Saskatoon Zoo or heading to the farmer's market.

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