Toronto is the worst city in North America for commuting, according to a new report

Though The Economist ranked Toronto as one of the safest cities in the world in 2017, that doesn't mean it ranks the best in everything. In fact, a new study is suggesting that the most populous urban area in Canada badly lags behind when it comes to commuting.

A new study by UK-based Expert Market reveals that Toronto has ranked the worst in North America and sixth worst in the world when it comes to commute times.

CityRankScoreCommute (minutes)
London, UK6568.1884
Miami, US6672.8790
Cali, Colombia6775.9688
Brasilia, Brazil6877.5296
Toronto, Canada6978.5696
Salvador, Brazil7078.7194
Istanbul, Turkey7181.7891
Sao Paulo, Brazil7283.7193
Bogota, Colombia7384.1297
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil7486.2695

The study looked at 74 cities around the world, all with a population of more than 300,000 and compared the average time spent commuting, waiting for a bus or train and journey distance. Expert Market used the Moovit Public Transport Index, with 150 million users worldwide, to find this information, alongside the Numbeo Cost of Living Index to calculate the monthly travel cost and INRIX 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard to calculate the average hours spent in congestion.

In the UK, London fares badly with the average price of transportation coming in at $230 CAD and with rail fares increasing this is posed to rise further. This cost averages 5.63 percent of one's monthly earnings, which "accounts for the highest percentage of monthly earnings in any of the European cities we looked at, with the exceptions of Istanbul and Saint Petersburg".

Meanwhile in Nice, residents enjoy a great transportation network, putting only 1.25 percent of their monthly salary towards transportation costs.

Toronto commuters wait an average of 14 minutes waiting for a bus or train, then end up spending a staggering 1 hour and 36 minutes commuting over a journey distance of only 10 kilometres. Commuters in Toronto spend an average of 6.5 percent of their monthly income on transit costs, and an average of 47 hours in congestion spread over 240 commuting days (11.5 minutes per day).

Vancouver is ranked 33rd and is the top Canadian city for commuting, followed by Ottawa in 38th place and Montreal at 46th.

📸: Pixabay