The company building the Eglinton Crosstown has sued Metrolinx for more time and money

Metrolinx is being sued by the group of companies building the $5.3 billion Eglinton Crosstown LRT line in Toronto, who are looking for more time and money to complete the already-delayed project.

The consortium working on the project filed a notice of motion, accusing Metrolinx and other stakeholders of delaying their work, giving the public insight into the failed talks that were meant to settle the dispute. Metrolinx has yet to respond to the claims and has 30 days to do so (as of the legal filing on July 11), but has remained firm on its commitment to open the line in the fall of 2021.

Crosslinx Transit Solutions, the infrastructure group building the transit line, has yet to elaborate on the legal filing as well, only confirming that the process is underway. There has been no clarification as to how much money is being requested, whether the extended time frame is an insurance policy or a hint that the 2021 timeline will not be met.

Crosslinx's notice of motion alleges the defendants, including Metrolinx and the Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation, breached terms of the construction agreement which were beyond reasonable control of Crosslinx. The claims state utility work lasted longer than expected and that there were issues with permits and approvals.

This transit project is a private-public partnership, where the private sector is to absorb cost overruns, but the legal filing proves that there can still be questions of who is responsible for delays.

The Crosstown was initially supposed to open in 2020, but Metrolinx added an extra year in order to mitigate disruption to communities where the construction happens.

๐Ÿ“ธ: Metrolinx