Fox News used the latest Toronto shooting to spread fear

There was a deadly shooting in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood on July 22nd and though police are still investigating, the media was quick to cover this shooting as the amount of homicides rises more than ever this year.

Namely, Fox News is one of the media outlets to jump for the story and did so in a rather unacceptable and fear-provoking way. Instead of opening the article by explaining the details of the event, the news organization began by saying terrorism is still a possible motive.

"Terrorism was not being ruled out as a motive after a gunman fired into packed Toronto restaurants and cafes Sunday, killing two people and injuring 13 others before dying in a gun battle with police," Edmund DeMarche and Travis Fedschun wrote.

There's nothing wrong with stating that there is no motive yet discovered, but pushing terrorism as the motive without proof to back it up and without explaining that other motives could be uncovered is both intimidating and poor journalism.

No motive has yet been found for the crime, but ISIS has claimed responsibility and it has been discovered that the shooter's gun originated from the US.