Customers are hurting Walmart with the #BoycottWalmart movement because they don't understand how the company works

Trump supporters are angry flooding the internet with the #BoycottWalmart hashtag after discovering baby clothing with "Impeach 45" written on them. The current president is the 45th US president and though the clothing items were on the website for an unknown amount of time, its since been taken down.

Furious supporters of Trump see the clothing as evidence that Walmart is on the left side of the political spectrum, or that it is trying to send a message to the public. Oddly enough, this isn't the company's wrongdoing necessarily — it's a misunderstanding on the public's part of how Walmart's online website works.

While Walmart's website does sell a variety of products directly manufactured by the company, it also operates a portion of its site as a third-party marketplace, similar to eBay, where it sells products from other companies and doesn't keep track of everything sold online. This seems trivial for a company who should be in the business of protecting its brand, but with the vast amount of products available to purchase, it'd be hard to monitor and moderate them all.

In a statement to Fox News, Walmart said that the items were sold “by third party sellers on our open marketplace, and were not offered directly by Walmart," which is where any company can list their products, ranging from refurbished computers to designer handbags and more.

Sellers do have to apply to list their items on the website, but once they're approved, Walmart doesn't watch every item they list for sale, because it collects fees on each sale and simply hopes that companies abide by the rules they've agreed to. Many companies are able to slip by selling counterfeit goods and products that they have no permission to sell, and most of the time go unnoticed.

However, this isn't a problem that only Walmart is facing. Birkenstock accused Amazon of failing to police fake products on its website in 2016 and retaliated by discontinuing its sale of products on the website, and eBay, Taobao and more are all facing the same issues.

Trump supporters will be able to protest all they want and though it's not exactly Walmart's fault that the product was listed on its website, the company needs to do a better job of watching out for products like this in the future.