Clarkson, Mississauga is home to an incredible boardwalk that makes for great hikes

There's lots of parks throughout Mississauga to go for a hike in, but there's none with a boardwalk quite as long and nice as at the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. I discovered this place online around a week ago and went to see if it was as nice as the pictures made it look.

The first thing you should know is to get to the conservation area from the closest bus stop — the 23 running along Lakeshore Road — is a good kilometre hike to the actual park. From there you can find the Pedestrian Waterfront trail with the help of a map, which will lead you directly to the shores of Lake Ontario. The trail is boardwalk for the entire duration but it splits off into multiple directions a few times which can be a bit confusing for people coming here for the first time. A couple streams run through the park which make for a peaceful experience and this might be the best time to visit due to all the leaves changing colours.

The boardwalk was quite long and made for a nice hike, changing elevations and scenery along the way. There's a few sets of stairs along the way so it's not the best trail for people who have trouble climbing stairs.