This policy is meant to describe how we use your personal information when you make a visit to our website. Questions or comments about it? Contact us.

When we say “website” and “services” in the following document, we mean and all other products that we produce directly, indirectly, or that are associated with us.

We last updated this policy on 4 July, 2019 to explain the length of time we keep our user’s data for.

There’s a lot of different information we collect — be it automatically, as is the case with cookies, location and device information, or as required or when you provide us with it, which is how it works with email addresses, phone numbers and addresses. We use this information to better understand how our website is used by people from different regions of the world and to determine how well certain features are being utilized.

By using our website you agree to us collecting data — including what is listed below, but not limited to it — and storing it for an indefinite period of time.

Device information
Location and IP address
ISP provider
Wireless carrier¹

To track and understand how, when and for how long users use our website, what pages they view, what you search for on our website and to land on our website from search engines and your precise location, accurate in some cases up to centimeters.

We are unfortunately not able to honour all Do Not Track signals from browsers that support this function — we do honour some that come from Google Chrome.

This information is shared with and collected by third-party companies who aggerate and help us understand our users and is often, but not always anonymized.

We store this information for a minimum of 5 years — while we realise this is a long time, we need this information to understand how our readers interact with our content, and how this has changed over time.


These help us determine how users use our website, for how long and what features they use during their visit — including what they click on and where their cursor is on the page.

By using cookies we can serve tailored ads to users that might be of interest — though you can opt out of seeing personalized ads here, you will still see non-personalized ones displayed on our website.

We’re not able to collect this information ourselves, so we use built-in and external tools provided by, use third-party tracking tools to understand our audience, including Google and Squarespace analytics

Personal information
Email address
Phone number
Gender, age, marital status, education, language, home ownership status and household income¹

This information is used to send emails, fulfil online shopping orders and to contact our users, if needed. We may use this information to screen customers for potential fraud and to ask for participation in research that we conduct.

We don’t willingly share our user’s personal information — however, in some cases we are required to by law, including to aid with search warrants, execute subpoenas and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Since we hold personal information, this website is not to be accessed by individuals under the age of 13 — we do not knowingly store information of minors and do not recommend that they sign up for any of our products or services. There are times that, due to legal reasons, we are unable to comply with requests to remove content and will explain the reasoning, if known, at that time.

Special circumstances

For residents of certain regions there are special rights we must legally offer them, detailed here.

You may request for us to disclose the identity of any third-parties we have provided your personal information with over the previous calendar year — but we are only require to respond to this request once per year.

California residents under age 19 may request removal of content they have publicly posted by providing us with a detailed description of the content. This does not guarantee a complete removal of the content from the internet.

You have the right to access the information we hold about you and ask for it to be corrected, updated or deleted.

Your information may be transferred outside of Europe at any time.

¹ When referred by social media