Terms of Use

This policy defines how you are allowed to use our website and services — and is a binding document that may result in legal action if broken. Questions or comments about it? Contact us.

When we say “website” and “services” in the following document, we mean lowandhigh.xyz and all other products that we produce directly, indirectly, or that are associated with us.

We last updated this policy on 27 November, 2018.

Read over these terms carefully — we’ve tried to make them as human-friendly as possible — because by accessing our website and services, you are confirming you’ve read, understand and agree with this document. This agreement covers all our services — our website, email newsletter and any future products and services we release. By using our website and services, you confirm that you will use them within reason and will follow the below terms; are at least 18 years old (or 13 years old with parental permission) and have entered into a legally binding agreement; and that you are responsible for anybody using our website and services on your device or from your IP address.

Below are the highlights of this agreement, alongside reasoning why we have had to include them in this agreement:

Copyright and IP
Copyright laws
Intellectual property

We mostly use original content on our website, but sometimes for a variety of reasons we might not. When we use someone else’s work, we give them credit — the same is expected of you, if permission is granted to use their content — and we expect credit for our own original reporting too.

Working hard to create content is difficult and takes time which is why we allow our content — just the title, featured image and up to the first two paragraphs — to be shared by anybody. Beyond that and you’ll need to contact us to inquire.

By sharing our content, it must not imply that we endorse or are in a partnership with you and is not misleading in any way.

Requesting content removal
Out-of-date content

We can, at any time, request the removal of our content from your social media, website or other entity and you must comply with the request within 48 hours.

If you find a link on our website that is objectionable or outdated, contact us and we will consider removing it.

Most of the time we’re fine with people posting our content — but because there are people who don’t respect us and our content when they post it, we require our request for take-down to be complied with a set time.

Content can become out-of-date and though we strive to be completely accurate, the internet is constantly changing so that’s not always possible.

Submitted content

By allowing comments on our website we hope to foster meaningful discussions — but not that the comments you post should be in good taste. From time-to-time there may be exceptions of this rule and we reserve the right to remove content for any reason, without notice.

Comments may be deleted if they are deemed to be spam or promotional in nature, include links to malicious websites or profanity and language that is in poor taste. There will be no tolerance for offensive content including threats, attacks and pornographic content, or that attack or harass other users or staff.

Comments don’t reflect our views.


We will not be held liable for direct or indirect, incidental or punitive damages, loss of profit, data loss or intangible losses that arise from the use of our website and services. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for third-party services used directly and indirectly by us or for hacking, tampering or theft that occurs to you due to our website and services.

We’re not responsible for what third-parties — whether it be Squarespace, Google or another tool we utilize — say, do or cause and can’t be held liable for any damage our website causes.

Our services are provided “as is” and are not subject to any warranties, conditions or guarantees whether expressed, implied or otherwise and we do not guarantee that our content will always be available, secure, or error-free. You are using our website and services at your own risk and we will not be held liable for any damages to you or your property — in basic wording, you cannot hold us responsible for any losses, damages, penalties or costs that are because of our website or services, user-submitted content or any other content associated with our brand.

Should there be any dispute between us, this will be resolved via a confidential, binding arbitration before a single party chosen by us. You must give notice of your dispute and we will respond within a reasonable time — with the dispute taking place in Toronto, Canada and the arbitrator deciding how the cost should be split. These disputes resolution sessions are final say — there is no option for further action, including going to court or a class-action lawsuit.

This policy overrides any information provided orally or written, obtained from us elsewhere and any other information provided is instantly void and null.